Methyl Cellulose
1.Product name and chemical structural formulaProduct name:Methyl CelluloseChemical structural formula

where:R=-CH3 or H;
n=degree of polymerization2.Product specification
Methoxy,wt%(DS) 27.5~31.5(1.6~1.8)
Gel temp.℃(2% water solution) 50~65
Viscosity of 2%,20℃,mPa·s 15~60000
Water,wt% ≤5
Ash,wt% ≤1
Product propertied and applicationsMethyl cellulose id a non-ionic cellulose ether. According to difference replacement degree of replacement group and modified degree,it has various dissoving properties,surface activity,heat gelation,and compatibility with other substance,thus extending its application field.
It can dissolve in water at any ratio,their max.concentration depend on their viscosity.
(2)None ionic charge
It belong to non-ionic type,will not act to metal salt and ionic organic compound,complex-forming to insluble precipitate. (3)Heat gelation
When their water solution is heated to certain temp.,it will formen to gel.After having been cooled the formed gel becomes to solution again.
(4)Surface activity
In solution,it provids a surface activity,attaining to considered emulsifying and protective colloid and phase stabilization.
(5)Metabolic inert
It is used as additives for food and medicament.It will not be metabolized,and will not provide heat energy in food.
It has better antienzyme ability.When longterm storage,it has good viscosity stablility.
(7)PH stability
It has a broad PH range.(PH:3~11)
(8)Water retention
After its porous surface having absorbed moisture,it can preserve moisture.
Its water solution system has thickening power.The thickening degree is related to the used viscosity of product and type of compound.
(10)Film formation
It can make clean and pure,tough and tensile,flexible film,and has excellent
It can make clean bonding agent for pigment,tobacco product,and paper etc.,and has excellent properties,is also used in coating.
It used in rubber,asbestos,cement,and ceramic product,thus decreasing its friction forec,and modifing pumping of concrete.
It can prevent solid particles from precipitating,thus inhibiting formarion of deposition.
(14)Protective colloid
It can prevent droplet and particles to be changed to agglomerate state.
Because of decreasing suface and interfacial tension,and thickening water phase,thus it can stabilize emulsion.4.Typical physico-chemical propertiesTypical physico-chemical properties of MC
Items Index
Apperance white to grey while,odourless,tasteless powder
Apparent density,g/cm3 0.25~0.70
Chromotropic temperature, ℃ 190~200
Carbonification temperature, ℃ 225~230
Density kg/L 1.39
Relative flammability(700℃ in furnace) 90+
Water solution  
Density,kg/L,1% solution 1.0012
Density,kg/L,5%solution 1.0117
Density,kg/L,10%solution 1.0245
Refractive index 1.336
Specific volume of given concentration,mL/g 0.725
Surface tension,,25℃,mN/m 47~53
Interfacial tension(in paraffin oil),25℃,mN/m 19~23
Get temp,℃ 48
Film(MC film thickness 0.0050mm)  
Relative density 1.39
Area factor(0.0025mm),m2/kg 34.0
Gas permeability, nmol/(m2·s)  
water steam,37℃,90%~100%,rh 540
oxygen,24℃ 200
Tensile strength,24℃,50%rh,MPa 58.6~78.6
Elongation rate,24℃,50%rh,% 10~15
UV stability,500rh excellent
Oil resistance excellent
UV light transmittance,400nm% 55
UV light transmittance,290nm% 49
UV light transmittance,210nm% 26
Refractive index 1.49
Softening point, ℃ -
Melting point℃ 290~305
Carbonification temperature,℃ 290~305
V.Main application field of the productBecause being non-ionic property,it has chemical,physical and biologiaal stability,surface activity,water retention and heat gelation,thus has a specialized application field.The most improtant application field and function is as following:
application filed function
Bonding agent in bonding agent formulation,as thickening agent and vehicle.
Pesticide spray adhere agent,protective film,and dispersant of wet power material.
Ceramics offers lubricity,water retention,and increase original strength of blank.
Building materials blending in cement,thus cement mortar,grout,and gypsum compounding etc.has water retention,and increase its blending easily.
Cosmetics adjusting rheological property,thus product has proper viscosity,degree of emulsify,stability,lubricity,and foam stability,as well as comparibility of surfactant.
Food it is used as flavoring agent of salad,and thickening agent,bonding agent,emulsifier,stabilizator,water retention agent,excipient and colloid suspending agent for meat pie,bake or fry,nutritive food,dairy product,and quick meal as well as snack etc.
Leather use its heat gelation property for being used as thickener and water retention agent for leather surface protective colloid in processing drying leather.
Emuision coatings used for protective colloid,thickener,and dispersant of pigment.
Stripper use its compatibility for water and organic solvent for being used as thickener in scraping out and rinsing type stripper.
Paper product surface spreading and film-former of oil-proof coatings.
Medicine used as bonding agent and granulating agent for table,sugarcoated table coated film-former,stabilizer of ointment andemulsified oil,thickener of detergent and gel,lozenge binder,and film-former for brun treatmenht.
PVC resin main dispersant for suspension polymerization,and it has a decisive effedt for resin morphology characteristic.
Veneer board adjust rheological property of bonding agent.
Printer's ink thickener and dispersant for bonding agent.
Various kinds of resin and rubber moulding release agent for fiber reinforced plastics.and emulsifying thickener and stabilizer for water based coatings.
Textile used as paste for textile,and thickener and bonding agent in printingyeing colour paste and/or emulsion coatings.
Cigarette used as bonding agent and film-former in cigarette make and refenerated tobacco leaf.
VI.Viscosity specification of the product
nominal viscosity, mPa.s 2% solution viscosity, mPa.s
25 20~30
50 40~60
400 300~500
4000 3000~5500
10000 8000~12000
15000 12000~18000
20000 18000~30000
40000 30000~50000
75000 50000~75000
100000 80000~120000
150000 125000~175000
VII.Storage,transporation,and packagePackage:
PVC Bag xinside,plastics-paper Bag outside,15kg net each.
Exposing to the sun and rain is forbiddeen,to avoid fire and absorption of moisture,seal tightly,keep at ventilative place.
As common moisture-tight chemicals.
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